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Northern Lights

The Raven Key 

The Famirian Chronicles Book One

Possessed. Dangerous. Monster.

Seth Cunningham is haunted by the words his mother yelled after she tried to drown him in the pond behind their house, when he was six.

It’s been almost twelve years since that night, but Seth is still struggling to live a normal life alongside his horrific nightmares and sense of loss. He finds some comfort when a romance sparks with Gabriel, a kindhearted college senior that isn’t scared off so easily by Seth’s past, or his pain.

But something inside him is awakening. It speaks to him in a voice only he and the ravens that serve it can hear. A presence that carries with it a terrible hunger that becomes hard to resist.

To save himself and those he loves, Seth will have to search out the truth of who he was meant to be, and the dark past his mother fled.


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